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Short term lets highlight Riverside management’s innovative approach

The ‘short term lets’ policy here at Riverside House continues to work well and is yet another example of the smart, innovative management style that continues to drive our business forward.

Launched in 2015, the policy to release a limited number of our selected rooms for shorter terms pays off both for Portergate’s investors and students.

And despite being officially sold out in September, once again this year we are able to allow a number of rooms to be made available on a short-term let basis.

It’s a gap we quickly spotted in the market and have been able to exploit. There are a number of residents whose studies do not follow the standard academic year and so will be leaving us at various dates during the next six months.

This, we have found, provides a fantastic opportunity for students looking for the first time or needing to switch their accommodation for a room in a residence that is a class above the norm.

Karen Preece, managing director of Portergate Property Management, says: “We do everything we can to help students and their parents make the right choice and smooth their transition into life in Riverside. And the flexibility that we offer in this way is a great example of this.

“Often, a short term let turns into a long-term contract because, once a student has lived at Riverside, they want to stay.

“We were one of the first UK student accommodation providers to predict the new market for a higher standard of student living and we continue to have our finger on the pulse when it comes to trends in the sector.”

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