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Investing with Portergate: The Right Choice

With a lack of high quality investments available, investors are increasingly turning to student housing investment for healthy yields

The demand for student accommodation has seen student housing investment throughout the UK provide consistent returns, in what has been an unsteady few years for the property industry. When it comes to the commercial sector, student housing investment has proved one of the most successful property classes for investors.

The steady stream of demand coupled with a need for purpose-built University accommodation reduces risk and provides consistent returns.  In the past few years student housing investment has steadily gone mainstream, with the market moving away from being solely made up of  professional landlords and becoming increasingly popular with savers looking for alternative investments offering a better return than that offered by the banks.

If you’re considering investing in student property, there are some important factors to consider. Let Portergate Property Management take care of the process for you. Talk to us now and we can guide you through your investment opportunities.

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Email: info@portergatepropertymanagement.com

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