Getting the facts on university applications

Getting the facts on university applications

Manchester has played host to a major exhibition that gives potential students the chance to talk to universities, colleges and recruiters and get under the skin of what it means to apply for a higher education place.

The high-profile two day event was organised by UCAS, the organisation responsible for managing applications to higher education courses in the UK, and took place at Manchester Central.

The Manchester Higher Education Convention is one of a series of events being held by UCAS across the UK. Each year they attract thousands of would-be students.

The convention was an ideal opportunity for Year 13 students to find out more about higher education and the process of applying.

As well as universities, colleges, gap year providers and many other organisations, UCAS offered advice on the application process.

Steve Jeffree, UCAS Chief Operating Officer said: “UCAS conventions are an ideal place for students to get a feel for what university life is about. In fact you can ask the experts about all the options out there for you after finishing school.

UCAS organises over 50 conventions around the UK each year, and they are free to attend.

The Manchester convention marks the start of a busy period for would-be students. As well as applying for courses they need to start thinking about their accommodation needs.

Salford student accommodation provider Portergate advises would-be students and parents to put together a checklist when looking.

It also pays to visit in person so you can easily ask the right questions, such as are all the bills included in the price?

Location is important. It can help keep the bills down and add to the attractiveness of an address.

Portergate’s new Riverside House, for instance, is within walking distance of the University of Salford, which is only minutes away.

It is also well-placed for all that Manchester city centre has to offer in amenities and the city’s excellent transport links.

There are also the facilities to consider. Take a look at the kitchens, and the bathroom facilities. Are they fit for purpose?

What about the extras? Is there broadband, and again is it part of the price? Are there laundry facilities onsite? What level of security is there to ensure your loved one is safe and sound?

Taking a tour and asking the students who are already living there can also help you get a feel of whether the accommodation is going to be right for your child. You’ll get honest feedback from other young people.

And, of course, it’s not just a parental decision. The new student also has to be happy that the accommodation is going to be their home for the academic year ahead. The atmosphere also has to be right.

Riverside has a boutique feel, with modern, stylish kitchens and bathrooms. Each luxury apartment includes fully-furnished living space and fitted kitchen complete with appliances. Bedrooms are also fully furnished and have broadband internet.

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