Mature students make the grade

Mature students make the grade

Salford student accommodation provider Portergate has welcomed new figures that reveal record numbers of mature students have been accepted into higher education.

The figures, issued by admissions service Ucas, show that more than 100,000 UK applicants aged 20 and over have now been accepted into universities and colleges this year.

The 100,700 mature students represent an increase of six per cent on last year. This is the highest number recorded at one week after A Level results day.

Acceptances from those aged 20-24 are up five per cent for the UK, with increases across the country.

There has been a seven per cent rise in acceptances from people aged 25 and over, meaning that 37,300 now have a place in higher education.

Overall UCAS has now placed 459,550 people of all ages in higher education – including 62,560 in the week since A Level results were released a week ago, 33,970 through Clearing in this period.

Mary Curnock Cook, Ucas’ Chief Executive said: “This is a welcome reminder that higher education is not just for 18 year olds after leaving school.

“For many, the right time to get the most out of going to university is later in life.”

Figures from Ucas have also revealed that substantially more students from disadvantaged backgrounds have won places at university than ever before.

More than 20,000 UK 18 year olds from the most disadvantaged areas have been accepted into universities and colleges, a rise of 1,400 or eight per cent.

Ucas says the proportion of students getting a place from the most advantaged areas has remained steady meaning the gap between rich and poor is narrowing.

While the gap between rich and poor is shrinking, the difference between men and women has increased by a further 6,000, with over 52,000 more women accepted.

Almost 80 per cent of the total increase in acceptances this year comes from women, according the Ucas figures.

Acceptances for men have increased by one per cent to 172,420 but acceptances for women have increased by four per cent to 224,570.

The Ucas chief executive said: “It is wonderful to be able to report the success that universities and colleges have had in recruiting record numbers of well-qualified students from disadvantaged backgrounds.

“However, I would like to see more focus on educational achievement for boys through primary and secondary education to support improved access to Higher Education.”

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