The growing value of English lessons

Teaching English to international students is worth a staggering £2.5 billion to the UK’s economy each year, according to a recent report.

And Manchester and Salford remains a strong UK centre attracting students from across the globe to its English Language schools and centres.

The study by trade group English UK placed the city in the top six in its regional breakdown of the value of English Language teaching to local economies.

The research, by the national association of accredited English Language centres, says the industry is worth £120 million annually to the Greater Manchester region.

Susan Young, English UK’s Communications Consultant, says: “In many areas of the UK, language teaching is an economically-crucial yet invisible export industry.

“Students come here and study, spending money not only on tuition and accommodation, but also on transport, tourism, entertainment and shopping.

“Although the students are often worth millions of pounds to a particular area, their contribution and importance can go unnoticed to the general public although they may benefit indirectly

“People are often surprised to learn how much money students bring into their local economy.”

English UK is the national association of accredited English Language centres, and the world’s leading language teaching association.

It has around 470 members, all fully-accredited language-teaching centres in the state and private sector.

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