We’re a passionate company with a straight forward vision. 

We aim to be a place that fosters exceptional living standards in all its forms; a place where people can thrive and make connections in physical and digital spaces, while upholding our values of diversity and respect. 

This ethos drives everything we do, from project management, to delivering personable, first-class service.


Anthony Jackson


Anthony has been at the helm of Portergate for over 25 years, successfully developing retail, industrial, commercial, residential and student accommodation.

Anthony is also a director of a number of property investment companies. He is extremely proud of the Friargate Court development, a well established student accommodation in Preston, with a reputation for outstanding customer service.

Karen Preece

Managing Director

Karen has years of hands-on experience managing several student accommodation apartments in Preston and Manchester.  This followed the ups and downs of putting her own children through university.

At Portergate, Karen is responsible for managing all aspects of the business whilst co-ordinating a team of passionate and dedicated employees who cater for the needs of the modern day student or resident.


Driving transparent and professional management